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Adult High Sleeper

A great space saving idea is the adult high sleeper or loft bed, essentially it's a bunk bed with the upper bunk as the sleeping area. The idea is that it makes the space below available for storage or other uses.

High sleeper beds are more than just bunk beds although most people use the term interchangeably. A common combination usually consists of a bed above and a desk or storage area underneath although you can get them with just the bed and a void underneath. The model for adults tend to be more solid in order to take the weight of up to 2 adults depending on the type of bed. Both single and double varieties are often available.

This type of bed design is usually seen as a specialist option and a way to make the most of a small area. Ideal for small bedrooms or where there are several people sleeping in a single bedroom. Most high sleepers are either made out of wood or metal, many people prefer the metal beds as they are generally much stronger and more stable.

Besides aesthetics there are a few things that you should check when buying a high sleeper designed for adults. Firstly you need to make sure the bed can easily accommodate the weight of the adults intending to use the bed. Whilst these beds are generally well made they do have weight limits and if it collapses due to too much stress it's not like a normal bed where you don't have far too fall. You should also double check sizes, if you have an existing mattress that you want to use or you want to make sure that the unit fits into your room make sure it fits.

Most of these beds will come as a kit that you have to assemble yourself. If for whatever reason you do buy a ready made bed make sure it can be easily disassembled into smaller pieces so that it can fit through doorways, halls and stairs to be reassembled in its final position.

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