high sleeper beds

Adult Double High Sleeper Beds

If you are looking for adult high sleepers you can get double high sleeper beds wide enough to sleep 2 adults. High sleepers are raised beds much like bunk beds only the lower bunk tends to be used for storage or has other functionality.

Adult Double High Sleeper BedsLet's face it we could all do with a little extra room. Houses are being built smaller and so it can be difficult to get even a basic set of bedroom furniture in. You may have had to give up the main bedroom for your kids and so are having trouble getting everything in a smaller bedroom. A space saving way to make the most of your bedroom is to make use of the vertical space, the space above us that we cannot usually make use of.

Adult high sleepers

A high sleeper bed allows you to get twice the use from the same space. A double high sleeper bed is usually made up of a double bed that is raised up off the floor to about head height. The underside or the space below the bed is then freed up to use for other purposes.

Double sleepers come in various configurations and are usually made of metal or wood. You can get a high sleeper that has nothing underneath so you can use the extra room to put furniture or a desk underneath. You can get configurations with built in storage or a built in desk. If however you need the extra sleeping space you can get an adult double high sleeper bed with a built in double futon.

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