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In the UK you often find that the small bedroom in any home, particularly new homes, really is small. This creates a problem if you are using it as a bedroom for one of your children, you just don't have enough space for a single bed and furniture. At least not if you want to be able to open the bedroom door afterwards.

white pine high sleeper bed

One space saving solution are high sleeper beds, these are beds raised up off the floor to allow the space underneath to be utilised. A high sleeper bed is an affordable space saving solution for any child's room. It allows you to use the space underneath the bed for a desk area, to provide additional storage for clothes by adding a wardrobe and drawers or just leaving the space empty to be used as additional play space.

The great thing about high sleepers is that the kids think they are great, for younger children you can get different designs such as cars, tractors or a fairy princess castle to name a few. For older kids there are more contemporary designs that have useful additions such as a built in desk, a great space saver and a useful place for them to be able to do there homework.

There are many different designs and furniture sets to choose from, you can either opt for just the high sleeper beds frame on it's own or buy the frame with a matching furniture set. These beds are often available with either wardrobes, tallboys, cheat of drawers or desk sets that are in matching styles.

Girls high sleeper beds

high sleepers for girls

These types of bed are primarily designed for children and you can get beds designed specifically for boys or girls. If you were looking for a girls bed there are many different designs to choose from that any young girl would love to have in her bedroom. A popular option are the pink designs, you can get anything from a unit with pink fixtures to a full blown princesses castle that double up as a daytime play area.

Boys sleeper bed

If you are looking for a bed for a young boy than you have just as much choice. There are beds available for the football mad child or if they are a bit younger you can get them a unit that looks like a bus, car, tractor or digger. The older boy may prefer a unit with a built in desk where they are able to do their homework of where thay can use their computer or games console.

Wood or metal frames

metal high sleeper beds

Most designs come in either wood or metal. A wooden framed sleeper can be purchased in either plain wood varnished or painted finish. For older children they may prefer something with a contemporary finish such as a white modern designed sleeper unit. Metal framed beds tend to be less bulky although the range of styles and colours tend to be limited with most metal beds being silver. Metal sleeper beds are more suited to the older child as they look more grown up.

One of the most popular and widely available types of sleeper are the pine beds. There are a number of designs to suit all ages and there are even adult and kingsize sleepers available if you are really short on space or to satisfy the big kid on you. A pine sleeper makes an affordable space saving addition to any bedroom and can be purchased in many different combinations such as a bed with futon, desk or storage.

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